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Original - SOLD

This painting was commissioned by “PlanB@100trillionUSD” in Sep 2019. It took about 9 months to complete, just days before the 3rd Bitcoin Halving in May 2020. It was Plan B's idea to share the making of it with the Bitcoin community on Twitter, who joined in on this magical journey of watching this piece come alive - I truly believe the S2F & S2FX models are a piece of financial history, that one day will be taught in economics classes in "woke" countries and online schools around the world. Genesis is an artistic homage to these models, who's mission it is, through art, and the energy of Bitcoin to inspire  people from all walks of life to question and truly educate themselves out of the old and broken money system so many of us have been stuck in. It will change lives and whole societies for generations to come! 

The limited edition prints followed in July/August with a series of Hand Modified Prints (H.M.P.s) of 200 + 10 A.P.s - of which all 200 sold out within 24 hours of Bitcoin breaking $20k on 16th Dec 2020. There are only 5 A.P.s left now. These will only be released one at a time on special Bitcoin "calendar dates" in a few years from now. If you have a ltd ed of "Genesis" you are a lucky hodler indeed! 

120cm x 120cm


"Genesis" S2FX 



Moon crater close-up

Moon crater close-up

Detail close-up