*** A set of 2 newly released originals (part of Mini Gem series)  going up for auction during the Bitcoin 2022 Conference in Miami

DATES: April 6th ending April 9th - hosted by Scarce.City***

Find out more about these delicate originals painted with Meteorites and scarce materials here:
👉 "
YO₿" Auction Link: https://scarce.city/auctions/be-your-own-banker-21
👉 "Providence of I" Auction Link: https://scarce.city/auctions/providence-of-i-21
How to place your bid:
Set up a Lightning wallet like BlueWallet if you haven't already got one. It's super easy only takes a couple of minutes :)
👉 How bidding works on Scarce.City

Bidding is now ONLY on the Lightning Network, to avoid last minute mainnet bids that would otherwise not make the auction deadline.

First Time Auctions:
"e Your Own anker" Original painting, 2021

"Providence of I" Original painting, 2021

SOLD at previous auction:
"Dark Lies" Original painting, 2021
See winning bid here:

These are all part of the "Mini Gem" series about Self-Sovereignty, the Lies behind the Fiat system, and ₿eing Your Own frickin ₿anker !!


VISIT THE FULL ART GALLERY AUCTION HERE ...!!! Have fun and watch the bidding live from April 6th - 9th !!!

ONLINE AUCTION!! NOW!! 2x originals "₿e Your Own ₿anker" & "Providence of I"

  • Please note:
    These artworks are not available for sale here. This is just a listing pointing to the Scarce.City auction page. Any questions, feel free to DM me on Twitter @RadarRayne

    Please visit the collection page of the online auction:

    "Be Your Own Banker" 2021

    "Providence of I" 2021

    Thank you for visiting and good luck if you decide to bid for this beautiful scarce Bitcoin art!


  • Shipping:
    My team will assist the sellers (of #6 FT and #131 of Genesis) with advice on getting the artworks professionally wrapped and shipped by their local framers.
    Scarce City is acting as the facilitating online auction platform and will also make sure the payment is received before shipment is ok'd.