Bitcoin, specifically the energy of money, the Moon, and cosmic materials are Petek's muses. She paints with acrylics, pure pigment dust, and rare cosmic materials like meteorites, certified Moon rock and “stardust shavings”, as well as precious metals and minerals from planet Earth – including 22ct gold, silver and diamond dust. 


There where “art meets science” is where you’ll find her creating abstract, heavily textured, geological landscapes that are inspired by financial and Bitcoin related data charts – At first inspired by aerial drone photography of mountain ridges, mines and coastal lines, she is now combining this with her fascination of economic data charts, especially ones that appear to be of cultural and financial historic importance.


Join me and these awesome podcast show hosts, where we chat about the S2F Bitcoin artwork and how the commission came about, along with some wild stories about shredding up dollars, smashing up meteorites and dodgy deals in Monaco. 

Once BITten / Daniel Prince

@RadarRayne - Shredding Dollar Bills, Moon Rock, S2F and Bitcoin!

May 10, 2020

Stephan Livera / Episode 148

SLP 148 Petek @RadarRayne – Bridging Art and Bitcoin with Stock to Flow

Feb 11, 2020


Episode 2 - Interview with Petek @RadarRayne - "Bitcoin Art"

Dec 28, 2020