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Bitcoin, specifically the energy of money, the Moon, and cosmic materials are Petek's muses. She paints with acrylics, pure pigment dust, and rare cosmic materials like meteorites, certified Moon rock, and “stardust shavings”, as well as precious metals and minerals from planet Earth – including 24ct gold, platinum, palladium and diamond dust. 

Better money, better culture
All aspects of the history of money and Bitcoin fascinate Petek. From the white paper, coding and mining, to macro economics and trading, as well as the deeper philosophical perspectives. She is inspired by economic data charts, especially ones that appear to be of cultural and financial historic importance.

Bitcoin is changing the history of money as we speak.

This and having the freedom to choose your money, your country, your culture, your identity, is what this art is about.

Bitcoin artist Petek.jpg
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