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Original - SOLD

My art goes far beyond this dimension, in which most people unconsciously believe and  complacently accept the current rules and limitations of this reality.

My art is here to touch & inspire every single being and Bitcoiner who is passionate about freedom of choice, liberty, constitutional and property rights, self sovereignty, the free market exchange of energy (trade is just another form of gifting and receiving) and everything Bitcoin stands for.

We are living through the midst of a major global cultural and monetary shift. This body of art desires to speak to you, connect with you, awaken you, and everyone who lays eyes on it, about what is possible when you get conscious, and remind you that you are part of this movement. It carries a vibration which holds a bigger message for humanity. Those who resonate with it consciously or unconsciously, will have a feeling of inner knowing.

When you are in the middle of history unfolding, you are rarely capable of seeing this glorious shift of paradigms from an outside, birdseye or future hindsight perspective. What do you already know, that others don't want you to know or aren't willing to be aware of themselves? Trust that inner knowing of yours. It will guide you into prosperity and greatness. 


"Watchington" 2021 - the original is not for sale, artists own
Ltd edition prints available here

Cosmic Materials: Smashed up Meteorite
Materials from Planet Earth: Acrylic, crystallines & minerals, 24ct gold leaf

A Note from the Artist


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