"Watchington" 2021

Images above are mix of the original (black frame) and the XL+ 1/1 Ltd Ed print (That one will be showcased in Miami).
21+3 A.P.s of the M+ sized ones are being pre-released here. The Ls are not released yet. This piece looks absolutely gorgeous at any size.

I absolutely adore "Watchington", it sits very close to my heart, for some reason it just does - and I might not even sell the original, happy to just showcase it and hodl on to this deliciousness. I loooove the colours and the golden Meteorite shower raining down... it's so so soothing and poignant all at once. For me this is a mysteriously meaningful and beautiful piece, with lots of secret layered meanings.


The original is the 1st of my "Mini Gems", and here's your VIP invitation to own a Ltd ed print of this artwork. This is a Ltd Ed H.M.P. (Hand Modified Print) - with 23ct gold leaf lovingly hand applied to each print.


Size: XL+ Ltd Ed H.M.P.s of 1
(98 x 128cm / 38.6 x 50.4 inches)
Museum quality giclée fine art paper
Pure 24ct Gold leaf

Size: M+ Ltd Ed H.M.P.s of 21 +3x A.P.s
(58 x 75cm / 22.8 x 29.5 inches)
Museum quality giclée fine art paper

23 ct Gold leaf

Numbered & hand signed on the front by Petek

Comes with a certificate of authentication.

"Watchington" Ltd Edition of 1x XL / 21 xM

  • Please note:
    Only the first 5x (Size M+) are priced at £3,069 ($4,330)
    XL+ 1 of 1 POA
    exludes frame, ships in a tube


    Dear Hodlers,

    This secret shopping page is hidden from public for a limited time only. It is especially set up for the VIPs "The Collectors Circle". It will be released into the Wild West, starting June 3rd for the opening on Whale Day, at the Bitcoin Conference 2021, in Miami.

    Like with "Genesis" the price will be adjusted - after The VIP Collectors have had first dibs - and as this limited edition sells out. The idea behind this is to emulate the scarcity and energy of Bitcoin itself, thereby increasing the future value of your piece of art.

    Edition runs:
    XL+    1/1 with 24ct pure Gold leaf
    L+       not for a while (will be super low number)
    M+      21 Ltd editions  with 23ct Gold leaf + 3x A.P.s (later)
    S+       NONE

    Shipping & Timeline:
    First shipments: roughly speaking end of July/mid Aug.

    The gold leafing is a delicate process that takes time and attention to detail and is done with a lot of love and care. The demand of all ltd editions is already more than we can handle right now, so we kindly ask you to bear with us please.

    Any questions feel free to message me here in the chat box, or in the Twitter DMs.

    My gratitude goes out to each and everyone of you who have and continue to support me and my artwork. My mission is to inspire people through art with the magic of Bitcoin!

    Bitcoin loves you, and so do I :)

    Petek @RadarRayne
    ps, I shall report back soon, from the buzz in Miami..!

  • Although this art print is printed with UV colour safe inks, it is not recommended to hang it in a spot that get's strong direct sunlight during the day. If you must, then I recommend using UV safe glass as a double precaution, when you get it framed locally. Museum glass, is AMAZING, and also more pricey. You can't see the glass at all as it has zero reflections, it is the absolute best glass if you want to go all out.

    When unwrapping and handling the print, please take care, with clean hands or using white gloves. Do NOT roll it in the opposite direction to the natural curvature of the paper (the same direction you received it in). In stead, I suggest asking the framers to flatten it for a day or 2, before they frame it.

    As paper has memory, try not to keep it rolled up for too long (a couple of weeks at most) - having it framed will be the best way to preserve and protect it.