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Original - SOLD

This glorious piece turned out very differently than I expected - it evolved into having a life of it's own, whispering to me when it was going to be finished even. "Dawn of Freedom" is the 3rd original in a family of S2F paintings, that each represent the iconic "Stock to Flow" chart developed by PlanB@100trillionUSD.

"Dawn" has quite a few extra Bitcoin data dots, that were added to the model since I painted Genesis and The Fourth Turning. This time the Silver crater has also been re-positioned according to new figures with a remnant of the original location.

All the key creative decisions and choices were put out on social media to the Bitcoin community for them to vote for their favourite choice, in the spirit of opensource creationism - the same spirit and space in which Bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto. This was not easy as an artist and creator. I learned a lot on hive mind creation and about my willingness or capability to let go and trust in the process. It also gave me some insight into what it must have been like for Satoshi himself to put his Bitcoin baby out into the world for others to contribute to.

Dawn carries a very different energy to Genesis and FT, and has more of a steady power and a very soothing knowingness rising from within to outshine the test of time.

120cm x 120cm

"Dawn of Freedom" S2FX 




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