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"Soft Money on a Hard Fork" 2022 - "The Dark Side"
A.P.1 / 3 | Limited Edition H.M.P. diptych
[related to the Ltd ed of 21]
you receive both Hand Modified Prints front and back of Fork / Artist's Proofs

This is a super limited edition of only 3 A.P.s, each hand leafed with 5 layers of pure Platinum, with the level of detail as you see on the Artist Proofs (photos in this listing). The 2nd artwork showing the reverse of the Fork, is on the reverse side of the frame. Museum glass on front of custom frame.
There is also a Ltd Edition of 21, each hand leafed with Silver, with less detail. The images here are of the Artist Proof 1/3.


This is a brand new release, first showing at the Miami 2022 Bitcoin Conference!

You are of course welcome to frame the set of 2 artworks separately side by side.
I just love the idea of having a secret artwork on the reverse of the frame, showing the exact back of the fork as if it was 3 dimensional and an charming easter egg to reveal to your guests. The actual fork took many months to make, with fine tuned scalpel work - it is currently NOT for sale, and in artists own collection for the time being.
Artist: Petek @RadarRayne
Materials from Planet Earth:
Pure Platinum, finely hand leafed by the artist herself onto watercolour giclée fine art print, hand signed in Pencil
Two corresponding prints (diptych):
32 x 44 cm print / 12.6" x 17.3"  unframed
A.P. 1/3 framed as seen:      $8,100 (includes shipping from Miami)

I am only making 2x A.P.s available here. One here, one in Miami.


"Soft Money on a Hard Fork" - A.P. 1/3

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