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"Soft Money on a Hard Fork" 2022
Limited edition of 21 - with Silver leaf
you receive both Hand Modified Prints front and back of Fork

The humour is in the title, and the love is in the detail - those who get it... get it...  and then there's either a great big laugh or a joyful smirk ;)) Take a closer look and discover meticulously finely arranged patterns put together from the US dollar, with pure Silver leafed elements that shimmer in the light. Take another closer look and find secret messages, and absolutely incredible detail to marvel over. This beauty will always spark joy!

This is a diptych, the 2nd artwork showing the reverse of the Fork, is on the reverse side of the frame. The frame here is not included and is only to serve as inspiration.

You are of course welcome to frame the set of 2 artworks separately side by side. I just love the idea of having a secret artwork on the reverse of the frame, showing the exact back of the fork as if it was 3 dimensional and an charming easter egg to reveal to your guests. The actual fork took many months to make, with fine tuned scalpel work. It took a while to find the perfectly shaped fork to work on! One with nice proportions and that lovely groove on the handle.
Artist: Petek @RadarRayne
Materials from Planet Earth:
Pure Silver, finely hand leafed onto watercolour giclée fine art print, both prints hand signed in Pencil
Two corresponding prints (diptych):
32 x 44 cm print / 12.6" x 17.3"  unframed
unframed Ltd edition of 21

Numbered and hand signed in pencil by Petek.
Comes with a certificate of authentication.

The original fork is currently NOT for sale, and in artists own collection for the time being.

"Soft Money on a Hard Fork" - Ltd ed of 21

  • Shipping & Timeline:
    Made to order, this one requires quite a lot of detail. Ships 3-4 weeks after order is placed.

    The silver leafing is a delicate process that takes time and attention to detail and is done with a lot of love and care.

    H.M.P. means "hand modified print". Usually, a ltd edition series is only signed by the artist - and that's it. Here, each individual artwork is also hand leafed with precious metals. It is a super delicate process and usually takes 3-5 layers of metal leafing to get a nice shine.

    Imitation gold or silver can be printed (it's called foil), whereas precious metals cannot go through a printing marchine, it can only be done by hand. This individual modification is what sets these artworks apart from the rest.

    Any questions feel free to message me here in the chat box, or in the Twitter DMs.

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