"The Rising" 2021 - Ltd Ed H.M.P. - Size XXL - Price on Application
3 of these are already spoken for.

Please note:
Images above are of the original.
This super special Ltd Edition H.M.P. will be an XX LARGE stunner!

Size: 110 x 234cm / 43.3" x 92" (fully framed approx 146cm x 270cm - will need a big wall!!) .

Because of low time preference, I am releasing these gradually.
It will be 4 times (Yes!) the size of the original painting itself as seen above. The 1:1 sized are not being released yet.

This is an iconic piece and will look AMAZING in any boardroom or office lobby entrance.

"The Rising" literally emerged during the run up to our almost $60k ATH in 2021, and I could perceive the energy of Bitcoin flow through me and onto the canvas while I painted it ... it was even exhilarating at times! Everytime I woud look at the BTC/USD chart I would see a giant tsunami wave, as well as a majestic mountain peak range on the pale blue horizon... with frothy white waves and glowing magical Meteorites crashing down from the Bitcoin dimension to infuse it's TRUTH and sheer POWER into our reality, rising above it, and changing the world for the better!! The more I painted it... the more I fell in love with it and didn't want to give it to the owner. Seems to be a recurring issue I have with my originals :))


"The Rising" captures the 12 years "pre retail" span of Bitcoin to-date from 2009, with the halving lines worked into it.

It was clearly inspired by Plan B's 12 year chart, with the red BTC/USD line and the "blue channel" - the grid in the painting also reflects the moving average S2F rate he factored into that chart, although I didn't want to include the written numbers in the painting, as I really love the focus on the fiery red Halving lines, infused with genuine Stardust Shavings. Above each halving line the beautifully composed fiatshitcoin money lines contain the letters "B T F D".

Here's your VIP invitation to own a Ltd ed print of this already iconic piece. This is a Ltd Ed H.M.P. (Hand Modified Print) - with pure Palladium leaf lovingly hand applied to each print and the XXL Mega Babe will also have Stardust Shavings in the Halving lines, as does the original - it will actually have to be 4 times the amount due to sheer size. I can't wait to work on the test prints of this honey badger of a Ltd edition H.M.P.
- Oh  Emm  Gee.


Size: XXL (1.1m x 2.34m / 43.3 x 92.1 inches) Limited Ed H.M.P.  - edition of 8
Museum quality giclée fine art paper

Pure Palladium leaf and genuine Stardust Shavings

Numbered & hand signed on the front by Petek

Comes with a certificate of authentication, which includes Private Key Signature by Plan B.

"The Rising" Ltd Edition of 8 - Nr 1/8 XXL - 5 left

  • Availability:

    The page says "Out of Stock" as price is on application only. 3 are already taken. "The Rising" was an instant favourite at the Miami Bitcoin 2021 Conference!

    If interested in this special Ltd edition, please contact Petek directly at ps@petek.co.uk
    POA (Price on Application)

    Edition runs:
    XXL    8 Mega Ltd eds pure Palladium leaf & Stardust Shavings
    XL       not for a long while. tbc
    L          with pure Palladium leaf (end of year, ed tbc)
    M        not for a while (probably only as an unsigned open edition on
                poster paper)

    Shipping & Timeline:
    First shipments: roughly speaking Aug/Sep.

    The palladium leafing is a delicate process that takes time and attention to detail and is done with a lot of love and care. The demand of all ltd editions is already more than we can handle right now, so we kindly ask you to bear with us please.

    Any questions feel free to message me here in the chat box, or in the Twitter DMs.

    My gratitude goes out to each and everyone of you who have and continue to support me and my artwork. My mission is to inspire people through art with the magic of Bitcoin!

    Bitcoin loves you, and so do I :)

    Petek @RadarRayne

  • This piece absolutely MUST be framed by gallery / museum quality top of the range framers.

    Although this art print is printed with UV colour safe inks, it is not recommended to hang it in a spot that get's strong direct sunlight during the day. UV safe, Museum glass, is AMAZING, and the only glass I recommend for this size of a print. You can't see the glass at all as it has zero reflections, it is the absolute best glass in the industry.

    Do NOT unwrap this print yourself. And tell framers not to roll it in the opposite direction to the natural curvature of the paper (the same direction you received it in). In stead, I suggest asking the framers to flatten it for 2 days, before they frame it.

    As paper has memory, try not to keep it rolled up for too long (a couple of weeks at most) - having it framed will be the best way to preserve and protect it.