"The Tipping Point" (Gold data crater of "Genesis")
Update Oct 21st:  SOLD OUT
- the A.P. 1/1 will go to auction sometime soon
#21 /21 will not be available for quite some time
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Please note: print ships unframed. Frame in images above is just one of many ways you can choose to frame this piece.

A beautiful high quality fine art print, showing a close up of the Gold data crater, in 1:1  scale of the original painting "Genesis" that represents the iconic "Stock to Flow" chart developed by PlanB@100trillionUSD. The original is owned by Plan B himself, and here's your chance to own a Ltd ed print related to this artwork. "Genesis" the ltd ed print (ed of 200) which depicts the entire painting is long sold out - they are now highly sought after, fetching 0.5 BTC at auction in Miami this year (with failed bids of 1 full BTC).

This is a Ltd Ed H.M.P. (Hand Modified Print) - with 22 ct gold leaf on the much admired gold data crater. Once the S2F rate of BTC overtakes that of gold (which will happen at the next Halving), this will be quite a historic moment across macro economics and world reserve assets. Hence "The Tipping Point".


31cm x 40cm Limited Edition Print - Edition of 21 + 1 A.P.
Museum quality giclée art paper

22 ct gold leaf

The A.P. 1/1 has 23ct florin gold leaf plus a hand written message "Fiat Lux Et Facta Est Bitcoin" - Latin for: "first there was light, and then there was Bitcoin".

Numbered & hand signed on the front by Petek

Comes with a certificate of authentication, which includes Private Key Signature by Plan B.

"The Tipping Point" - S2F Gold data crater

  • Please note:
    Sold Out
    Prices exclude framing. It is recommended to get your print framed locally.


    Dear Hodlers,

    You can secure your Ltd ed H.M.P. by placing your order today.

    Like with "Genesis" the price will adjust upwards as this limited edition sells out. Emulating the scarcity and energy of Bitcoin itself, thereby increasing the future value of your piece of art.

    Limited Edition of 21 + 1 A.P.
    size  31 x 40cm / 12.2 x 15.7 inches

    Shipping & Timeline:
    Ready to ship

    Any questions feel free to message me here in the chat box, or in the Twitter DMs.

    My gratitude goes out to each and everyone of you who have and continue to support me and my artwork. My mission is to inspire people through art with the magic of Bitcoin!

    Bitcoin loves you, and so do I :)

    Petek @RadarRayne

  • Although this art print is printed with UV colour safe inks, it is not recommended to hang it in a spot that get's strong direct sunlight during the day. If you must, then I recommend using UV safe glass as a double precaution, when you get it framed locally. Museum glass, is AMAZING, and also more pricey. You can't see the glass at all as it has zero reflections, it is the absolute best glass if you want to go all out.

    When unwrapping and handling the print, please take care, with clean hands or using white gloves. Do NOT roll it in the opposite direction to the natural curvature of the paper (the same direction you received it in). In stead, I suggest asking the framers to flatten it for a day or 2, before they frame it.

    As paper has memory, try not to keep it rolled up for too long (a couple of weeks at most) - having it framed will be the best way to preserve and protect it.