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"The Trilogy of Privacy" 2021

Open edition (not numbered)

Hand signed by the artist

Size: 44 x 94cm / 17.3 x 37" inches
Museum quality giclée fine art paper

This is a beautiful panoramic compilation of 3 artworks from the Mini Gems series about privacy: "Watchington", "₿e Your Own ₿anker" and "Providence of I".

This edition is open to help budding collectors who have just started out with Bitcoin art and who might have lower entry budgets - and who nevertheless desire to add something of high quality to their collection, that is a cut above a regular print on poster paper or unsigned prints. It's a really gorgeous artwork with amazing detail and stunning vibrant colours. Like with all my artworks here, you will want to run your finger over it it to check it's not 3D in texture! These open editions don't have metallic leafing on them, although they do have the seal in the paper and are individually hand signed by Petek.

“The Trilogy of Privacy” (ToP) is a vibrant a set of 3 Mini Gem paintigs put together in the form of one giclée fine art print. It is themed around privacy and self sovereignty. It was created to inspire people both metaphysically and consciously to question for themselves; “What is Money? What is the difference between Bitcoin and fiat money? Why should I care about my monetary privacy? What is my monetary privacy worth to me? What if I could choose to be my own banker?”.

There's George Washington in "Watchington" spying out from history into the present moment - I've always wondered, what he and the Founding Fathers would have made of the Fed's haphazard butchery of the USDollar and its value, if he could see what is going on today? At the same time, it's a symbol of what Fiat is turning into and what we should all be aware of.

Then there's the "Private Treasury" message in USD fiat beautifully embedded into "₿e Your Own ₿anker".

"Private for All" is the message in "Providen of I" the yellow painting. The title of this piece is a self sovereign twist on "The Eye of Providence" which  is offically what the ominous eye at the top of the pyramid on the 1 dollar note is referred to. It is supposed to symbolise "divine protection". Lols, really?!? More like the eye of control and watcher of all financial slavery. The little keys (taken from the dollar  bill..!) are there to set you free from this ponzi scheme.

Each of these 3 paintings exist to inspire individuals into self sovereignty - to curiously invite friends, family, noobs and anyone who lays eyes on this art, into daring to question the status quo and the blatant lies of the current money system! You can no longer un-know what you were never supposed to know, once you discover Bitcoin, and learn what sets it apart from the broken, antiquated, and self serving fiat system.

These babies are on a mission to change the world and are ready to ship :)

"The Trilogy of Privacy" - Giclée art print

  • Although this art print is printed with UV colour safe inks (plus each print has also been spray protected), it is not recommended to hang it in a spot that get's strong direct sunlight during the day. If you must, then I recommend using UV safe glass as a double precaution, when you get it framed locally.

    When unwrapping and handling the print, please take care, with clean hands or using white gloves. Do NOT roll it in the opposite direction to the natural curvature of the paper (the same direction you received it in). In stead, I suggest asking the framers to flatten it for a day or 2, before they frame it.

    As paper has memory, try not to keep it rolled up for too long (a couple of weeks at most) - having it framed will be the best way to preserve and protect it. 

  • Shipping & Timeline:
    Ready to ship

    Any questions feel free to message me here in the chat box, or in the Twitter DMs.

    My gratitude goes out to each and everyone of you who have and continue to support me and my artwork. My mission is to inspire people through art with the magic of Bitcoin!

    Bitcoin loves you, and so do I :)

    Petek @RadarRayne

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