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I am currently creating a “family” of 12x S2FX paintings, spread around the globe – this series is the abstract interpretation a set of data charts developed by an anonymous quant on Twitter called PlanB@100trillionUSD that have become iconic in the Bitcoin community: The S2FX analysis comparing the stock to flow ratio of Bitcoin to that of gold, diamonds and other scarce assets. Understanding this data and what it implies for our economic future, is so important to me, that I had to turn it into a piece of art - using art as another way to spread the message with the help of fellow Bitcoin enthusiasts.

The same way Andy Warhol obsessed over Marilyn Monroe, and Francis Bacon kept revisiting the screaming pope, I am tuning into different moral values, narratives and expressions of the energy of Bitcoin each time I paint a version of this iconic set of monetary data analysis.


Their titles, colours and structures will relate to the personal values and emotions around Bitcoin, money/ freedom/ sovereignty/ economics/ mathematics and time, etc of the person commissioning each specific piece. The first painting is called “Genesis”. The 2nd is titled  “The Fourth Turning”, “The Dawn of Freedom” , “Sound Money”, "The Dark side of the Moon", “On the Brink of Bailout”…  

and they will each be distinctly different from each other, capturing key values and narratives around Bitcoin – the new energy of money.

Original - SOLD

"The Fourth Turning"

120cm x 120cm




Feel free to get in touch for more information about Petek's artwork, to discuss possible commissions or collaborations, or for any media enquiries. You can also find her latest tweets by visiting @RadarRayne

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